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We provide bespoke consultancy services for architectural practices, public bodies, as well as private clients.

Every project is unique - different climates, cultures, functions, budgets, and clients require different considerations. We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’ - our approach is rooted in the context and results in solutions tailored to the project.

Trenezia Consultancy Process.gif

Environmental Design Consultancy

  • Climate analysis, bioclimatic design strategies

  • Visual, aural, thermal & outdoor comfort analysis

  • Embodied carbon minimisation via LCA & WLC

  • PV potential, water demand & supply optimisation

  • Expertise in timber construction, circular economy implementation and environmental masterplanning

Sohar - Analysis to minimise potential g
Sohar - Analysis to minimise potential g

Building Envelope Consultancy

Optimisation of the building envelope via

  • Informed design, detailing & material selection

  • Expertise in complex facade design

  • Dynamic thermal modelling

  • Static thermal modelling of condensation & thermal bridging

  • CFD analysis

FAUUSP Sao Paulo
FAUUSP Sao Paulo Thermal Camera Analysis

Post Occupancy Evaluation

  • Air quality & moisture content measurements

  • Thermal camera & air tightness diagnostics

  • Monitoring & spot measurements for thermal & visual comfort optimisation

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