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Education is arguably the most important way to raise awareness of sustainable building practices, and to foster positive change in the built environment & beyond.

Global warming and climate change can only be tackled by aware people, who care enough to reflect on their own consumer behaviour, as well as their approach to professional practice.

Solar Decathlon 2019 in Szentendre Hungary
Solar Decathlon 2019 in Szentendre, Hungary

Education to us means giving back, keeping ties to the ‘alma mater’, guiding new generations of professionals, challenging & being challenged, and gaining new inspiration for the everyday practice.

We have been lecturing at several universities worldwide, including the Technical University in Budapest, Hungary, UAE Alas Peruanas in Arequipa, Peru as well as University of Westminster and Architectural Association in London, UK.

We have been contributing to many international conferences as presenters, writers, organisers, audience.

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