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Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, India

PLP Architecture designed the masterplan for KREA University’s new campus, which shall be outstanding in environmental performance while empowering students with the necessary skills to shape the world of tomorrow in a responsible way.

Our Founding Partner Noémi was leading the environmental and MEP team on this project whilst working at Urban Systems Design. Part of the scope was developing the environmental vision and sustainability strategy for this future-proof campus, establishing key performance indicators for a carbon neutral, 100% renewable energy powered, water self-sufficient and zero waste to landfill campus with enhanced biodiversity and a human-centred approach to health and wellbeing.

Ambitious goals were defined and validated, several design guidelines, including different massing options, façade typologies and layout variations were developed. The informed design proposals were legitimised with simulations, such as solar radiation, daylight performance and air flow (CFD) analyses.

Achieving outdoor and indoor comfort without energy intensive air-conditioning units is challenging in this hot and dry climate and requires carefully designed buildings and spaces. The team's analytic design approach helped to design-out air-conditioning for the residential buildings and verified effectiveness of mixed-mode ventilated university facilities.


University Masterplan


90ha; 12,500 people


418,000 m2




Design Development

Our Involvement

Sustainability Strategy and Technical Design Lead at Urban Systems Design


KREA University

Project Team

PLP Architecture

AKT II - Structure

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