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Welcome to #EQXstage - Let the curtains fall!

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Find out why you should stay tuned and what you can expect on the EQUINOX stage.

We are ready. Are you?
Equinox - Designing for Change

#Welcome to the stage! This is not (just) a blog, it is an interactive community platform where news, articles, and highlights are shared, and you can also get your voice heard - so we decided to call it a stage!

Feel like you have something to say? Drop us a message at


EQUINOX stage is a platform for the latest news from EQUINOX so that you keep up-to-date with our engagement, projects, achievements and also get to know what is happening behind the scenes. #EQXatwork


We will also post under the #EQXprojects category to tell you more about featured projects. For example #how we approach the design, #how we progress with the construction or simply some #funfacts you would otherwise not get to know.


Our mission is to create a sustainable built environment that is accessible to everyone.”

And we want to use our EQUINOX way of working to create positive impact of the building industry and sustainable value for the people without compromising our planet.

As we believe in the cause, we would like to share as much of it as possible with you to spread the word via our #EQXvision series.


We are super curious and always looking for innovative answers to global problems. Or sometimes just smart answers to local problems. Or would simply like to share interesting content with you guys - our #EQUINOXcommunity. This will happen in the #EQXresearch thread. And of course this will also include content from our #EQXnetwork.


Luckily we are not alone with our vision and drive to make this world a big bit better. And since we work towards a good cause, we find it important to team up with like-minded people who share our mission. This is how the EQUINOX network was born and whenever we come across interesting content from our network members, we share it with you via #EQXnetwork posts.

So, this is enough for the start. Have fun with the #EQXstage and get in touch if you would like to contribute!

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